English Wonderland

P.1 Pre-task 2017-18 Farm animals and Zoo animals

1.Farm – pictures



2.Farm – Songs


OldMcDonald had a farm


The animals on the farm-


Farm animal song


3.Zoo animals


Zoo animals


4.Songs for Zoo animals


The Zoo Song


Yes, I can




Singing Contest 2017-2018

2017 English Speech Festival

POEM Audio-Recordings
P1 Boys – No.52 I had a Nickel by Anonymous P1 Girls – No.21 Sounds by Irene Rawnsley
P2 Boys – No.51 Jack by Daphne Kitching P2 Girls – No.20 A Porcupine by Roger McGough
P3 Boys – No.53 Grounded by Eric Finney P3 Girls – No.23 Class Warfare by Roger McGough
P3 Girls – No.24 Sounds Like Magic by Celia Warren
P3 Girls – No.25 Magic Cat by Peter Dixon
P4 Boys – No.56 The Yo-yo Man by Anne Logan P4 Girls – No.28 Remind Me to Smile by Celia Warren
P5 Boys – No.57 Counting the Stars by Ian McMillan P5 Girls – No.31 The Magic Pebble by Roger McGough
P5 Boys – No.58 Why do I have to clean my room?
by Jack Prelutsky
P6 Boys – No.59 About Knees by Alison Chisholm P6 Girls – No.34 The Fox and the Grapes by Celia Warren