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January English Wonderland

Welcome back, students!

Firstly, well done to all those who completed the Christmas Wonderland activities. We will be in touch.

Now, here is Miss Austin’s January English Wonderland! This month, you can learn about lots of famous people from all over the world.

Complete the activities to get a certificate and a chance to win prize once you come back to school.

Good luck, have fun and try your best!

Miss Austin

Christmas Wonderland

Welcome to Miss Austin’s Christmas Wonderland!

Here, you’ll find lots of activities to download, games to play, videos to watch and books to read that are all about Christmas.

Make sure to fill out ‘Activity 1: Christmas Quiz’ and ‘Activity 2: Christmas Riddles’ for a chance to win a prize once you come back to school!

Good luck, have fun and happy holidays everyone!

Miss Austin

2020 – 2021 72th English Speech Festival

Poem Audio-Recordings

P1 & 2 – Boys – My Hat!
P1 & 2 – Girls – Dressing Up
P3 – Boys – I Opened a Book
P3 – Girls – I Am a Princess
P4 – Boys – If I Were a Shape
P4 – Girls – Little Raindrops
P5 – Boys – Python Poem
P5 – Girls – [email protected]
P6 – Boys – Wizard
P6 – Girls – Anger