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2018-2019 P6 Graduation Song

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2018-2019 Singing Contest

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Level Songs Songs Music with lyrics


Give Me Joy in My Heart

(Sing Hosanna)

Give me joy in my Heart English Hymn (with Licry) Give Me Joy in My Heart  (Sing Hosanna)


If I Were a Butterfly

(The Butterfly Song)

If I Were a Butterfly with lyrics If I were a butterfly – words and music


I Danced in the Morning

(Lord of the Dance)

I Danced in the Morning (with lyrics) Lord of the dance – Hymn (Instrumental with Lyrics)

P4-6 Storytelling Competition – April 12

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P4 – Edwardo – Man P5 – It’s Ok – Bully 1 P6 Version 1 – I Love You – Child **P6 Version 2 – I Love You – Child
P4 – Edwardo – Narrator 1 P5 – It’s Ok – Bully 2 P6 Version 1 – I Love You – Mom **P6 Version 2 – I Love You – Mom
P4 – Edwardo – Narrator 2 P5 – It’s Ok – Narrator 1 P6 Version 1 – I Love You – Narrator 1 **P6 Version 2 – I Love You – Narrator 1
P4 – Edwardo – Woman P5 – It’s Ok – Narrator 2 P6 Version 1 – I Love You – Narrator 2 **P6 Version 2 – I Love You – Narrator 2
P5 – It’s Ok – Sara P6 Version 1 – I Love You – Narrator 3 **P6 Version 2 – I Love You – Narrator 3

Don’t Laugh at Me

P1 T1A2 Spelling Sheet

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2018 English Speech Festival

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POEM Audio-Recordings
P1 Boys – No. 51__The Joy of Socks P1 Girls – No. 20__Montague Michael
P2 Boys – No. 52__A Good Play P2 Girls – No. 21__The Swing
P3 Boys – No. 53__The Cave P3 Girls – No. 23__A Butter Bother
P4 Boys – No. 56__The Vikings P4 Girls – No. 28__The Whistler
P5 Boys – No. 57__Supermarket P5 Girls – No. 30__Please Mrs Butler
P6 Boys – No. 59__The Mystery Space Beasts P6 Girls – No. 34__Twin Trouble
I Can’t Find My Teddy Bear The Greatest of Them All


Do you want to know…….?

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1.Can tigers swim?



2.Can elephants swim?



3.Can bears swim?



4.Can birds walk?



5.Can bats sleep on ceiling?



6.Can crocodiles climb trees?


P.1 Pre-task 2017-18 Farm animals and Zoo animals

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1.Farm – pictures



2.Farm – Songs


OldMcDonald had a farm


The animals on the farm-


Farm animal song


3.Zoo animals


Zoo animals


4.Songs for Zoo animals


The Zoo Song


Yes, I can




Singing Contest 2017-2018

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2017 English Speech Festival

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POEM Audio-Recordings
P1 Boys – No.52 I had a Nickel by Anonymous P1 Girls – No.21 Sounds by Irene Rawnsley
P2 Boys – No.51 Jack by Daphne Kitching P2 Girls – No.20 A Porcupine by Roger McGough
P3 Boys – No.53 Grounded by Eric Finney P3 Girls – No.23 Class Warfare by Roger McGough
P3 Girls – No.24 Sounds Like Magic by Celia Warren
P3 Girls – No.25 Magic Cat by Peter Dixon
P4 Boys – No.56 The Yo-yo Man by Anne Logan P4 Girls – No.28 Remind Me to Smile by Celia Warren
P5 Boys – No.57 Counting the Stars by Ian McMillan P5 Girls – No.31 The Magic Pebble by Roger McGough
P5 Boys – No.58 Why do I have to clean my room?
by Jack Prelutsky
P6 Boys – No.59 About Knees by Alison Chisholm P6 Girls – No.34 The Fox and the Grapes by Celia Warren