English Wonderland

2021 – 2022 73rd English Speech Festival

Poem Audio-Recordings   U51- Auntie Betty Thinks She’s Batgirl U52- Uncle Ben From Number OneP1 & 2 – Girls – Dressing Up U53- Plum U55- Roots U56- No Bread U58- The Cod U59- The Frog who Dreamed she was an Opera Singer U23- My Cat U27- The Rainbow U29- Class Discussion U31- Last Waltz U32- […]

Home Learning Awards (Summer)

September’s Online Wonderland

Hi everyone! Welcome back to school and to Miss Austin’s English Wonderland on the English blog! After a long holiday, you might need some help remembering some vocabulary. Make sure to explore the ‘Art Area’, do some ‘Reading Practice’, play and watch some ‘Games and Videos’ and finish the ‘Must-Do Activities’. You can learn things […]